The Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge boasts the following impressive features:

  • ACCURATE to (+/- 2%), our gauges are calibrated to American Standard ANSI B40.1 Grade B
  • PRECISE ADJUSTMENT with integrated bleed valve for pin point deflation adjustments.
  • HEAVY DUTY steel construction with a reinforced rubber hose and chunky rubber protective case to ensure reliability.
  • EASY TO USE with an offset chuck and 360 degree swivel hose, enabling you to take readings with minimum air loss.  Perfect for all cars and motorcycles.
  • RELIABLE 0-60 psi mechanical tire gauge that works perfectly in all weather conditions.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We are so confident in our gauges that we offer a lifetime guarantee.
  • NOT BATTERY RELIANT – it won’t let you down when you need it most.

This top of the range gauge is proving very popular with Amazon customers who like it’s heavy-duty characteristics and versatility as it can be used on cars and motorcycles.  What used to be a chore is now made effortless because even the most inaccessible tire valves can be reached due the innovative design.

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Annie Michaels, company spokesman said, “Most motorists know the importance of maintaining correct tire pressures to avoid the risk of accidents and to achieve optimum gas consumption and ride quality.  Running on under or over inflated tires can be dangerous and it costs American motorists million of dollars each year in avoidable tire and gas expenditure.  Checking tire pressures on a regular weekly basis will help to minimise tire-related motoring costs.  The Auto-Tec Professional tire pressure gauge is accurate, reliable and easy to use.  Its design excudes quality in a world of plastic digital gauges which rely on batteries.  Our mechanical gauge brings an old world style and craftsmanship to the world of tire pressure measurement.

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For your peace of mind all our gauges come with a NO-QUIBBLE LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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Readings are easy even on awkwardly placed tire valves.
Readings are easy even on awkwardly placed tire valves.

Air Pressure Gauge With Bleeder

Easy To Read Single Increment Calibration

Auto-Tec Tire Pressure Gauge with swivelling chuck
Clever Offset Swivelling Chuck.


Auto-Tec Tire Pressure Gauge with longer no-leak hose connectors
Auto-Tec Use Longer Hose Connectors To Prevent Leaks.


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