Auto-Tec Tire Pressure Gauge Exceeds 180 Product Reviews On Amazon


Beverly Hills, California 5/20/16

Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge was launched on Amazon two short months ago. We look back on what customers are saying about this new automotive products brand.

It’s reputation for delivering pinpoint accuracy and rugged sturdiness is now being reflected on the product’s sales page, with customers posting over 180 product reviews at an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

One of the reviewers was Mike, who posted ‘The Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge is definitely the best tire gauge I’ve ever used or owned. The large 2in. dial is the perfect size. I don’t even need to put on my reading glasses to read it. It is well built and feels very sturdy, also has a big rubber case protector around the dial acting as a kind of shock absorber […] I’m very pleased with this product, all vehicle owners should get one of these gauges.’

Another reviewer compared the product favourably to professional auto-engineer equipment, claiming ‘my brother-in-law works at an auto shop, so I took this with me to get new tires along with a tire pressure check, and even he was amazed at how accurate this worked and how nicely it was made. We compared it to the shop’s tire pressure gauge and the reading was spot on!! That’s something definitely worth knowing because it’ll save you a lot of time and money as well!’

Company spokesperson Annie Michaels said ‘Getting more than 180 product reviews on Amazon in only 2 months is a fantastic achievement, and it shows how much our product stands out amongst the competition. The strengths of our gauge are accuracy, hardiness and ease of use, and that quality has really been appreciated by our customers. It feels great to receive this recognition in the many five-star reviews that our customers have taken the time to submit.  It makes all the long days of development work worthwhile.’

Auto-Tec remains committed to its mission to provide quality automotive products at affordable prices. If its fantastic early reception is any measure, it looks as if this brand of tire pressure gauge will be here for some time to come.

About Auto-Tec

The Auto-Tec brand is part of the Premier Products Limited, an on-line motoring accessories retailer specializing in bringing quality automotive products to market at affordable prices, underpinned with solid product guarantees.  All of their dial gauges are made according to the ANSI B40.1 Grade B accuracy standard, 100% tested and approved. Auto-Tec gauges are suitable for most passenger vehicles, cars, motorcycles, SUV’s and RV’s.

The Auto-Tec Professional tire pressure gauge (model AT-TPG-1001) is only available from

Media Contact
Company Name: Auto-Tec
Contact Person: Annie Michaels
City: Beverly Hills
State: California
Country: United States

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