Everyone Should Have One

I bought the Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge because I like having a gauge in my vehicle all the time. It’s a very handy tool to have on hand because you never know when you’re going to need it, and not every station you stop at will let you borrow one from them.
Here are some of the reasons that I like these gauge:
• Easy to use
• Its design allows you to have ease of access to any valve position
• It is heavy duty which gives a piece of mind
• It can be used on any tire… from Motorcycle to SUV
• I love that there is a bleeder valve so you can be sure to have the right amount of pressure in the tire
• It’s very easy to read

I found the design to be perfect for this tire gauge and I love how heavy duty it is. I usually keep just a simple straight tire gauge in the car at all times, but this gauge is much better. I also love that it comes with 4 extra valve caps... I'm forever loosing mine.
I love the ease of reaching any valve that comes with the little hose that the chuck is attached to. We even tried it on my eldest son’s bicycle and little motorcycle.

I found no fault with the product. Everything the seller stated about the Tire Valve was accurate and true.

Here is a little of what Premier Products Limited says about their “Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge”:
• ACCURATE to (+/- 2%) - all our gauges are rigorously tested and calibrated to American Standard ANSI B40.1 Grade B, ensuring quick and precise tire pressure readings. Perfect for your car or motorcycle.
• EASY TO USE clever chuck design makes taking readings really simple even for awkwardly positioned tire valves. The useful built-in air bleeder valve allows precise pressure reduction on over-inflated tires.
• HEAVY DUTY steel and brass construction with reinforced rubber hose and high quality internal parts to ensure long lasting reliability. This gauge feels solid in the hand and is shielded by the rugged gear-style protective guard.
• RELIABLE 0-60 psi mechanical gauge that works perfectly in all weather conditions WITHOUT THE NEED FOR BATTERIES. The large 2" dial features an easy to read single increment scale, enabling accurate readings to be retained until reset button is pressed.

As always, I suggest you read everything that the seller states before buying this product. Personally I believe that everyone should own one of these. You never know when you will need one, and this product makes it much easier to get the right tire pressure than the straight gauge does.
This product was shipped to me with other purchases from Amazon, and was packaged in a way that protected it from damage during shipping by both the seller and Amazon.

C. Smith

It's Perfect For Me

I absolutely love this tire pressure gauge, it's perfect for me, I'm a single woman and I always have a hard time reading the gauges at the convenience stores, so this one is a breeze, I don't feel dumb anymore having to try and pump air in my tire and check those crazy gauges, you will be very proud to own one of these, I'm actually buying 4 for stocking suffers for Christmas, it will be great,0- 60 psi heavy duty, comes with 4 free valve caps, which is great, I'm always losing mine, large 2 inch contrast dial makes it very easy to read,360 degree swivel chuck means no more breaking my back trying to read those other gauges, comes with a lifetime guarantee made off heavy duty steel and brass, you will be glad you buy it, it's definitely worth the money, very pleased with mine

Tanya Kilgore

It's Accurate And Looks Cool As Heck

Ordered this for my husband because he works on cars sometimes and is always losing his pressure guage sticks.

He loves this pressure guage because, as he puts it, "it's accurate and looks cool as heck." He said that it is more accurate than the cheap stick guages you can pick up at a gas station for a buck or two and holds up way better. He liked the rubber "tire" that goes around the guage to protect it when dropped. The larger size makes this nice because it's easier to find when tossed in a toolbox.

He also really likes the ease at which this guage is able to be used. Simple to use with or without instructions, regardless of if you're brand new to vehicle care or a long time mechanic.

Hope M

This Tire Gauge Is Fantastic

Large dial is very precise and very easy to read. It also has a button to release air pressure, making precision filling a breeze. Overfill slightly, and press the button until the pressure is just perfect. This is like a true mechanic's tire gauge - all the mechanics I know would be happy to carry this one in their toolbox (and not owe the Snap On guy for a year). The ANSI calibration ensures the accuracy of this gauge, so you can count on it. I've found most tire gauges that claim to be accurate can vary widely, but not this one. It was spot-on.

John J

Rugged, Handy And Very Accurate.

I've found this tire gauge to be just to my husband's liking. He keeps in his portable tool box in his vehicle so he has it wherever he goes. It's built tough and doesn't need a bunch of TLC. From my testing on my van I found it easy to control. The dial is surrounded by hard knobby rubber/plastic which should take quite a bit of abuse. If you are in a dimly lit area while checking your air pressure, take your pressure reading and position or take the gauge to where you can read it. The needle will stay at the final pressure level it was while on the tire valve, till you press the little button to the bottom right of the gauge dial. That's simply an awesome and useful feature, and one I've never seen before. As durable as accurate as this gauge it, I would say it's going to a very useful tool at our home for a good long time


I Really Love This Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge

I really love this Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge! I ordered it because I always seem to either lose the small one's or am not able to read them because they are so small. I figured this was much larger and I wouldn't lose it. I LOVE how easy it was to use. Being larger numbers I can read it right away and it's easy to see as soon as you check the pressure. Since the hose is so long I could also hold the gauge in my hand while I checked the pressure which made it much easier for me! I also like that the gauge has a large rubber part around it so if you drop it or hit it against something it will be protected. This is going in my glove box to have for all FUTURE needs!

Kirsty Turner

Clear To Read & Easy To Use!

I really like this tire gauge. As the title describes it an auto-tec professional gauge. I have used the little stick gauges before and this one takes the cake. It's very easy to use. Just put the chuck head on the tire stem and push. If you need to redo a reading then just press the reset/bleed button. The chuck head swivels and the dial is large and very easy to read. I'm getting ready to go on a trip from OK to NC and this will be used very frequently. Tire pressure is a very important factor in the life of your tires, gas mileage, and safety. Wouldn't you want to have the most accurate readings? I know I do

Lauren B

It's So Easy To Use

I did not realize how sturdy the gauge is until I opened it and to my surprise it is pretty light weight. Its so easy to use, you don't have to use so much pressure when holding in the valve like you do the old style ones. Just being able to push a button to release and goes back to zero quickly. I like not having to get my reading glasses to look at the gauge. This gauge has pretty good size numbers. I laughed when I saw the extra valve covers because I always lose mine most of the time. I am so going to buy my daughters and granddaughters one for Christmas.

Amazon Customer

This Is Awesome

This is awesome! Normally you have to add or remove air and then check the level with a stick-type pressure guage. And the stick-type guages can be difficult to put on straight to get a seal and hard to read without reading glasses, and you go back and forth several times. With this, I was able to use the hose to make a good connection to check the pressure and read it easily since the needle stays even after you remove it from the tire, until you press the release button. One of my tires was at 28 lbs, so I put some air in and found it was now around 40 lbs. The genius is that then you can just keep it on and press the release valve and watch the needle fall and stop exactly at the recommended 35 lbs. and you have the perfect exact amount of pressure in a minimum number of steps. I love it!
There is a flexible ribbed protector around the dial part that should protect it from any accidental drops. The construction on the hose and connectors seems very solid. It also came with 4 extra valve stem caps.
The only knock might be for very high pressure bicycle tires this won't work - it maxes out at 60 lbs. (One of my bikes has tires you inflate to 85 lbs.)


One Of The Best

After many years of using the same old stick gauges from walmart and gas stations, i finally ordered this gauge from Auto-Tec. After a few days of use i am very impressed and satisfied with this tool. Not only was it inexpensive but it works great and is heavy duty, and getting a pressure reading is fast, easy and accurate. Here's some things i like and don't like about this product.


1. Shipping and Packaging - Shipping was very fast as always from Amazon, and the item came in a big box with a bunch of other items. Off in the corner was the small white box that the gauge is in. The gauge has its own bubble wrap inside the box, so the product was protected and undamaged. Also inside the package was a manual and a little bag of heaven. Inside this little heavenly bag is four replacement caps for air valves for car/lawnmower/bike. So if your tires are missing any of the screw on caps, this one has four of em for ya. Just the thought of including this in the package goes to show the quality of the product and the manufacturer.

2. Construction - The tire gauge is very well built and very heavy duty. The nozzle on the hose is very shiny metal and has good weight to it to let you know its strong, and the hose itself is very thick, and it has a swivel where it connects to the meter so you can take a reading from any angle. Below the swivel is the air release switch, which resets the gauge to 0 after each reading. And then the meter itself is at the end, a big round glass piece with big numbers and a big needle that's clear and easy to read, and its protected by a big rubber grip all around it that keeps the meter away from damage. Overall this is tough built tool and i feel like i could drop it and step on it and all kinds of stuff and it will still work.

3. Performance - I took several readings with the gauge to see how it compared to the stick gauges. Readings from my jeep, lawnmower and bicycle were all very close to each other, but i was able to get a narrower reading on the Auto-Tec meter due to how easy it is to read. Also, my jeep was just in the shop and i had them do each tire at 33 psi, and that's what both meters read, so i think this meter is pretty accurate. Also, i noticed that the Auto-Tec meter doesn't let as much air out of a tire as a normal stick meter does when testing. This means less worry when checking the air pressure.

4. Price - At the time of writing of this review, the price for this meter is around 15 dollars. This meter is worth every one of those dollars. I know stick meters are only a dollar at the gas station, but this one will make up for it, i promise.

Conclusion - All in all i think this is a very great air pressure meter from Auto-Tec, and i would highly recommend it to anyone who has tires. It is highly durable and heavy duty built, and should definitely last longer than me. And at the low price that its currently at, this is a steal.